Welcome to Stone Hollow Dog

What is Stone Hollow Dog Training?

Stone Hollow is a family operated professional dog training and boarding business with Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Tory J Topping. Tory has been working with dogs for several years and attended National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, in Columbus, OH. Stone Hollow now offers training packages, private lessons, and individualized package deals.

Why Stone Hollow Dog Training?

Our balanced approach to training teaches your dog obedience as a way of life; not just a trick for a treat! We offer programs that are tailored to your dog. In addition, we offer problem solving solutions, educational seminars, puppy development/selection and just about anything dealing with dogs.

Who Needs Training?

Training for your dog is similar to sending your child to school. Your pet is an investment that you brought into your life and will be there for many years to come. With proper training your dog will understand how to live in your world. You will have the knowledge and communiction skills to build a solid relationship with your four-legged friend. A well trained dog is balanced and secure in all situations.

Contact Information:

Tory Topping - Trainer/Owner
21882 Badger Road
Cascade, Iowa 52033

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