Professional Training

At Stone Hollow Dog Training, Inc., we take dog training very seriously. We adapt our training to meet the individual needs of you and your dog. We have experience and knowledge that allows us to deal with some of the most serious canine cases, but we pride ourselves on our educational approach to training, to assist you as the owner and care taker of your dog.

We train all types of dogs at any age. In addition, we have many types of advanced training, puppy classes, educational seminars, visit schools, and work with the public to make our relationship with our canine partners as positive and loving as possible.

Puppy Program

Our puppy program focuses on early socialization, manners, behavioral issues, and education for the owners. Everything to help your puppy get off to a good start in fitting in with your family. Please contact us for additional information.

Residency Training:

Foundation Program: This 14 day program includes leash obedience, socialization, and maners (heel, sit, down, place and come). We take your dog and train them at our state-of-the-art training facility. We have a large in-door training room and plenty of outdoor space to train your dog right. Program includes: boarding, training and three bonus private lessons.

Off-Leash Program: This program takes the Foundation program and advances the commands to a leash-free world. Unlock your dogs potential and give them the life they long for with the freedom they deserve. Program includes: boarding, training and 4-6 bonus private lessons.

Leash-Free with E-Collar: This 21 day program is the complete package. Stone Hollow will leash train basic and advanced commands, teach manners, socialization, and move away from the leash to perform these commands without the need for leashes. Stone Hollow's approach with the electronic collar is very different than most of your neighbors or other trainers. Please set up a time to see a demonstration if you want to see the Stone Hollow advantage to electronic collar conditioning. Program includes: boarding, training, Dogra 280 NCP (electric collar) and 4-6 bonus private lessons.

Private Lessons:

With private lessons, the focus is on you. Think of us as your personal coach. We want to educate you about your dog and assist with the training. For more information and package deals, please contact us.

Stone Hollow Dog Training, Inc. stands behind any commands that we have trained. Ask about how we support our customers.

Basic Commands

Sit (Side and Remote) Down Come/Here Heel with Auto-Sit (Sit and Down have an automatic stay)

Advanced Commands

Finish Place Two-Sided Heeling Tricks & Work Commands

Contact Information:

Tory Topping - Trainer/Owner
21882 Badger Road
Cascade, Iowa 52033

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